Easier Options Available on the Internet for Fundraising for Nonprofits

In a recent editorial published on a UK Fundraising website, an article details how social-media giant Facebook has included a “Donate Now” button on the official Facebook pages of participating nonprofit organizations in the United States:

“Facebook has added a ‘Donate Now’ button to 19 U.S. nonprofits that lets people donate directly via Facebook. It means that Facebook users can donate within Facebook, and not have to leave to visit a donation page on a nonprofit’s website.

The feature appears at the top of participating nonprofits’ Facebook pages, and beside posts in the News Feed that they share. Facebook users who click on the button are invited to choose the amount and enter their payment information and “immediately donate to that cause,” according to Facebook.

The donation can be made in as few as two clicks if the donor has already used its credit card on Facebook. Otherwise donors will need to enter their credit or debit card details.

Donors can then share the nonprofit’s post with their friends on Facebook, with the aim of encouraging others to give.”

So will this affect fundraising for nonprofits in the country?

As a great portion of the population engages in social media, this makes it easier for participating nonprofits to generate funds via donations. The word will be easily spread among Facebook users, and they can conveniently make the donation they want with little time spent.

Easier Options Abound on the Internet for Fundraising for Nonprofits

At the moment this is only partially beneficial on the donation front. When using auctions and retail as fundraising for nonprofit organizations, transactions must still be coursed through the official marketplaces that the nonprofit is using. If an organization sells products to generate funds, they can promote the items via social media while completing the actual transaction on charitable retail platforms such as eBay Giving Works.

Whereas organizations are best served by using the new donate feature on Facebook, this should not be used as the sole method in generating funds for their cause. Studies have shown that buying customers lean toward products whose proceeds go to different charities, whether whole or in part. Online auctions and retail, along with fundraising via donations given directly to the nonprofit, is still the best way for them to establish a working relationship with as much of their supporters and donors as possible.

(Article Information and Image from “Facebook adds Donate Now button for some US nonprofits”, UK Fundraising, December 18, 2013)