Nonprofit Online Fundraising is Helping Typhoon Victims

In early November last year, Typhoon Haiyan, the strongest storm that’s ever been recorded on land, struck the Philippines. Many provinces felt the destructive force of the storm, consequently rendering them in a state of disaster. When tragic events like this occur, communities rely on the generosity of others.

Nonprofit online fundraising has continued to play a role in helping the victims of this unfortunate catastrophe gain access to clean drinking water and other necessities.

Nonprofit Online Fundraising is Helping Typhoon Victims

A blog entry posted by Liam Stack and Robert Mackey on The Lede, the New York Times online blog, discusses the ways people can give to the victims of the Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines:

“As the full scale of the devastation wrought across the islands of the Philippines over the weekend by Typhoon Haiyan came into fuller view on Monday, governments around the world have pledged aid to the victims.”

Agencies that are listed as accepting donations and relief goods include The International Committee of the Red Cross/Philippine Red Cross, World Food Program, Save the Children, Unicef and others.

Technology today allows the world to stay connected. Halfway across the world from the Philippines, someone in Spain could be holding their smartphone, tablet or gadget and find a way to lend a helping hand. Technology has made fundraising more convenient and effective.

A Philippine nonprofit agency was also mentioned in the article and is utilizing their social media outlets to gain donations:

“Gawad Kalinga, a Philippine nonprofit dedicated to fighting poverty, is accepting monetary donations as well as nonperishable goods such as children’s vitamins, rice, kitchen utensils and blankets. The group is accepting donations via credit card through its “give now” page. It is also posting updates on Facebook and Twitter.”

Organizations like Gawad Kalinga are able to attend to the victims with help from the Internet. As technology has advanced in recent years, anyone in the world can help those in other nations thanks to a simple Internet connection.

If you feel compelled to help, it’s easy to find places on the Internet where you can lend a hand. The eBay Giving Works program allows people to participate in nonprofit online fundraising activities for charities.

(Article Information and Image from How to Help Philippines Typhoon Victims, The Lede, 11 November 2013)