Help Disaster Relief Efforts by Organizing a Simple Charity Fundraiser

The American Red Cross is one of the largest disaster relief nonprofit organizations in the world, responding to roughly 70,000 disasters in the United States annually. According to The Republic, the American Red Cross and its volunteers are currently asking for online charity donations, among other forms of assistance, to help those who were affected by recent house fires in West Virginia:

“The organization will kick off a Heroes for Fire Victims fundraising campaign… [that] will run through March 30.

Red Cross staff and volunteers have helped about 750 families in the state affected by house fires [in 2013]. Volunteers have responded to 70 fires in December alone, Red Cross West Virginia Region spokeswoman Krista Farley Raines told the Charleston Gazette.

West Virginia fire victims have received about $500,000 in direct financial assistance from local Red Cross groups this year. The organization also has helped 60 families affected by flooding or storm damage.

Raines said the Red Cross receives no federal funding and relies on donations. Most of its relief workers aren’t paid.”

Help Disaster Relief Efforts by Organizing a Simple Charity Fundraiser

According to American Red Cross members, the average amount of money a family needs to recover from a house fire is $1,250. As that amount may seem a bit steep for an individual donation, people can opt to stage their own fundraisers to help raise that amount and more. Here are a few easy charity fundraiser ideas to get you started:

Selling Online
Everyone knows there is truth behind the saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Selling items you no longer need by means of an online selling website is a great fundraising idea because it can be done easily and without cost to you. Many online selling websites, like eBay Giving Works, allow users to automatically donate proceeds to their chosen nonprofit

Film Showing Party
Ask if the local high school is willing to rent out their gym for a film showing party. You can then sell tickets to the local community, with all profits serving as a donation. Try to choose films that have a common theme, or show some of the best films of 2013.

Car Wash
If you and your friends have the time and drive, you can set up a “car wash for charity.” See if your office or church is open to letting you use the parking lot one Saturday for the fundraiser. Make sure to provide a complete set of car wash services.

Regardless of how much you raise, donating to any charity is a great way to ensure that you are helping those in need.

(Article Excerpt and Image from American Red Cross to hold fundraising campaign to help W. Va. Victims of house fires, The Republic, December 30, 2013)