Increase Your Donation Amount by Holding Online Auctions for Charity

2013 went out with a bang as charitable donations poured in from individuals and corporations alike. According to a report from IGN, gaming industry giant Electronic Arts was one of those that made a sizable donation to several nonprofit organizations:

“The first portion of EA’s profits from its Humble Origin Bundle has been donated to The American Cancer Society.

The publisher raised over $10.5 million for its Humble Bundle back in August, which offered ‘pay-what-you-want’ deals on games like Dead Space 3, Crysis 2 Ultimate Edition and Mirror’s Edge. The 2.1 million bundles sold was a Humble Bundle record, but more importantly, EA promised to donate 100% of the proceeds to various charities.

EA has promised to distribute the rest of the proceeds to the Human Rights Campaign, Watsi, San Francisco AIDS Foundation and American Red Cross.”

Everyone wants to donate as much as they can to their preferred charity. However, donating exorbitant amounts of money every year can be difficult for many people because of the expenses (housing loans, energy bills, groceries, etc.) that must be paid on a regular basis. Nonetheless, there are many ways to increase one’s donation amounts. One such way is to hold an online charity auction.

Increase Your Donation Amount by Holding Online Auctions for Charity

Fundraising through online charity auctions is popular because it requires no starting capital. Organizers do not need to find a suitable venue or hire a professional auctioneer. Saving money up front allows for more of the proceeds to be donated to the charity.

Another reason why many people prefer starting online auctions for charity is that these eliminate geographical issues, allowing people from different places to place bids. Additionally, online auctions do not need to feature grand items. You can easily move collectors’ items, excess accessories, and even unwanted Christmas gifts in an online auction, especially when bidders realize that it is for charitable purposes.

Set the right tone for the New Year by setting up your own online auction. This can be done simply by registering for an account with a reputable auction website such as eBay Giving Works. Many of these websites are already partnered with numerous nonprofits, allowing users to directly donate sales to their preferred organizations.

(Article Excerpt and Image from EA Donates $1.65 Million to the American Cancer Society, IGN, December 8, 2013)