Items up for online charity auction to benefit Mandela Centre

The eBay Giving Works program is set to publish a list of 27 items from the Weinstein Company that will be up for auction starting November 27 until December 25, 2013. These items will be sold to the highest bidders to raise money for the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory. The upcoming online charity auctions will also coincide with the build-up to the North American release of the film Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, scheduled to be released on Christmas day.

The 27 auction items are meant to represent the 27 years that Nelson Mandela spent in prison, as well as to honor the former South African president’s contributions to society. The Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory performs the core work of the Nelson Mandela Foundation, focusing on three key areas: the Life and Times of Nelson Mandela, Dialogue for Social Justice, and Nelson Mandela International Day.

The Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory is responsible for the location, collection, preservation, and public promotion of resources concerning Mandela’s life and times. The organization also provides platforms for dialogue concerning these resources in order to address critical social issues and helps bring forth solutions and promote justice. Ultimately, The Centre aims to inspire communities from around the globe to help change the world for the better with the mantra “service to one’s fellow human.”

In support of the foundation, the Weinstein Company is using the eBay Giving Works program to facilitate the year-end online auction for charity, considering the latter’s extensive reach. Just last year, the program was able to raise $73 million for different charities and nonprofits in the United States and other parts of the world. The eBay Giving Works program empowers eBay buyers and sellers to support the charities of their choice by providing a system by which both sellers and buyers can donate portions of their sales to a charitable organization.

The program works with the PayPal Giving Fund to ensure that all the proceeds go to the designated beneficiaries. Apart from processing the proceeds and facilitating their delivery to charities, the PayPal Giving Fund also handles the screening of the nonprofits.

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About eBay Giving Works

Launched after the 9/11 terror attacks with the name “Auction for America,” the eBay Giving Works program continues to help different nonprofit groups and organizations raise funds by connecting eBay’s community of buyers and sellers. To date, the program has helped the American Red Cross, the Humane Society of the United States, and the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, among many other charities.


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