Waterkeeper to sell items on eBay to support charity fundraising event

Starting November 27, 2013, the Waterkeeper Alliance will be listing auction items on eBay Giving Works to help raise funds for their endeavors. The charity fundraising website will facilitate the auction that will be conducted in line with the upcoming Deer Valley Celebrity Skifest, to be held from December 6 – 9, 2013. The event also has Waterkeeper as the main beneficiary.

The items for auction will include celebrity experiences and other packages. Proceeds will be directed to Waterkeeper’s environmental projects and initiatives. As one of the fastest-growing environmental movements in the world, Waterkeeper aims to protect over 100,000 miles of streams, rivers, and coastlines from pollution. There are more than 200 Waterkeeper organizations, which are made up of environmental activists, lawyers, scientists, and educators. These advocates cover areas in North and South America, Australia, Asia, Europe, and Africa.

In turn, the annual Skifest serves as a medium for celebrities from film, television, and the Olympic Games to raise money for the environment. Through the online charity fundraising event on eBay, Waterkeeper is expected to raise more money that will help expedite their projects. Their key campaign areas include “Clean and Safe Energy,” which focuses on promoting the use of renewable energy sources and “Clean Water Defense,” which aims to protect the U.S. Clean Water Act and strengthen environmental laws. They also have the “Pure Farms, Pure Waters” campaign, which aims to eliminate the harmful impact of factory farms on waterways.

As a supporter of Waterkeeper Alliance, eBay will help the organization by facilitating the online auction. Through the eBay Giving Works program and the PayPal Giving Fund, proceeds from the sales will be collected, processed, and sent to the nonprofit alliance. In recent years, eBay Giving Works has proven to be a reliable platform for such fundraising endeavors—the program registered a total of $73 million in donations for different charities and organizations in 2012 alone.

For more information on the Waterkeeper Alliance auction, visit www.ebaygivingworks.com.

About eBay Giving Works

The eBay Giving Works program enables online shoppers and sellers to support their favorite charities and nonprofit organizations by raising money through sales proceeds. To date, the program has helped a number of local and international charities like The Humane Society of the United States, The Children of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund, and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, to name a few. Aside from environmental causes, eBay Giving Works supports other advocacies promoting education, arts, humanities, basic needs and services, and civic and public benefits.


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