Three nonprofit fundraising ideas for this holiday season

Thanksgiving is a holiday in which people express gratitude for all the good things they have been blessed with, and surround themselves with family and friends. Thanksgiving is also one of the best times to stage fundraisers for charities, as many people use this time of the season for volunteering their time to charitable causes.

If you are looking to help during the season of giving, and you cannot volunteer your time, there are a few fundraising ideas for nonprofit organizations that you can hold in your community.

Turkey raffle
Nothing says Thanksgiving like turkey. Start with your local grocery or butcher shop and see if they are willing to donate (or sell at a discounted price) a few turkeys that you can use as raffle prizes. Hold the raffle at least a week before Thanksgiving to allow winners time to plan accordingly for their Thanksgiving meals.

International dinner party
If you live in a diverse community, why not have everyone contribute a few delicacies from their home country or a secret family dish, and stage an international Thanksgiving dinner party? This can be a great way for neighbors to get to know and understand each other better, as well as raise funds for your designated charity.

Sell online
For a number of people, the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday is a time to start looking for holiday gifts for their loved ones. Try to take advantage of this by selling a few things through noted online sites, such as eBay Giving Works, and donate the proceeds of your sale to your preferred charity.

Bake sales
Although often considered cliché, bake sales are a great Thanksgiving fundraiser. With so many items to prepare for Thanksgiving dinner, such as the turkey and sides, some people simply do not have the time or energy to make a dessert to cap the meal. With this in mind, try baking cupcakes, pies, and other dessert items that blend with the Thanksgiving spirit.

These are only a few nonprofit fundraising ideas for Thanksgiving. By staging fundraisers for charities, you can help give other people something to be truly thankful for.

(from Holiday Fundraising: Making the Most of Year-round Fundraising, Causera)


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