Nonprofit online fundraising campaigns revolutionize charity donating

According to two studies conducted by The Chronicle of Philanthropy, online gifts sent to America’s nonprofits are growing far faster than other types of donations. The studies are based on last year’s results and are listed below.

  • In a study of 115,000 nonprofits whose giving totals were provided by the online-fundraising processors Blackbaud, Network for Good, and PayPal, donations rose 14 percent to total $2.1 billion dollars
  • In The Chronicle’s study of 149 large nonprofits, contributions to the nation’s biggest charities also grew 14 percent, totaling $785-million.

The Internet has revolutionized the way people donate to charity. The Internet offers easier communication between people from different countries, access to follow international events, and the ability to support thousands of different nonprofit organizations. These are reasons why the Internet is surpassing traditional forms of giving:

Easy access
No matter where in the world you may be, the Internet is open 24/7. This allows people to donate whenever they wish, and not have to wait for a scheduled fundraising event in their area before they can donate to a cause they believe in. In addition, the Internet has expanded the reach of nonprofits to audiences in different time zones and locations around the world.

Social media platforms
Due to the widespread use of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, it is now easier for charitable institutions to advertise their nonprofit online fundraising campaigns. These platforms have allowed for more people to share their stories and experiences, and encourage others to donate worthy causes.

Frequent small donations
While most people prefer to give larger monetary donations, may people simply cannot afford to do so. Nonprofit online fundraising programs, such as eBay Giving Works, allow donors to give smaller amounts of money whenever you buy or sell on eBay. These donations inevitably add up over the long run, turning into a larger donation over time.

As the Internet continues to push the boundaries of how people interact with one another, people can expect to see more creative nonprofit online fundraising campaigns and methods in the coming years.

(from The Big Boom in Online Giving, The Chronicle of Philanthropy)


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