Easy charity fundraising ideas to support animal rights nonprofits

According to a report from The Humane Society of the United States and Baltimore-based ReLove Animals, Inc., Nine out of the 12 pet stores in Maryland were found to be out of compliance with a Maryland law that took effect a year ago in an effort to protect dogs and consumers.

During a two-week investigation in September, undercover investigators visited the stores to see if they were complying with a new state law which requires the stores to post certain information about their puppies on each cage. The law was designed to give customers more information about where the dogs were raised, in an effort to help consumers avoid buying puppies from puppy mills.

For most people, dogs and cats are creatures that are loved and cherished as pets. Sadly, there are a number of people that try to make a profit off that mentality, but neglect to consider the well-being of these animals. Fortunately, there are several nonprofit agencies that are designed solely to protect these pets. These nonprofit organizations offer a short list of simple charity fundraising ideas you can do to raise donations for animal rights nonprofits and raise awareness to combat animal cruelty:

Pet wash
If you have friends who share your passion for animal rights, get together and organize a pet wash for your neighborhood. If you can partner up with a local veterinarian, you can have the vet talk to pet owners about proper grooming and responsible ownership.

Animal fun run
With fun runs being a popular fundraising idea in recent years, why not have pets join their owners in a fun run? Each participant pays a registration fee that serves as their donation. This is a great way for pets to get their exercise, and serves as a chance to bond with their owners further.

Go online
Take advantage of the Internet and social media to raise animal cruelty awareness, and to promote your fundraisers. You can also opt to sell some of your belongings online via the eBay Giving Works program where you can list items online and donate a portion to the animal rights charity of your choice.

(from Majority of Maryland Puppy-Selling Stores Found Violating Consumer Disclosure Law, The Humane Society of the United States)


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