What inspires you to support charity fundraisers?

According to the National Center for Charitable Statistics, there are currently over 1.5 million nonprofit organizations in America. These charities support many causes, including breast cancer, family planning, AIDS, animal rights, human rights, and the environment, among other things. But what inspires individuals and companies to give to these charity fundraiser organizations? A Chron.com article discusses some of the reasons:

Personal motivation

According to the article, many people donate to organizations with personal connections. Someone with a family member afflicted by cancer may get involved with a charity such as the American Cancer Society. An employee with a developmentally disabled child may give to the Special Olympics. By donating to these causes, donors feel they contribute to something that directly affects their lives.

Community involvement

You’ve probably heard individuals and companies say they donate to make a difference. Some want to make an impact on the life of a single person. Others want to see a lasting and tangible change in society as a result of their contribution. For these individuals and companies, donating to charities is like making an investment toward a better future.


Some people donate to charity to enhance their image simply because they want to be viewed as being charitable while promoting their business. “Promoting your business is a positive side effect of being active in community organizations and charitable giving,” according to Chron.com.

Tax deductions

Donations to charity can be tax deductible. A donation could reduce your taxable income, inevitably lowering the total amount you need to pay the IRS every year. You’ll just need to itemize your tax deductions to qualify for such a reduction. “These monetary donations need to be made to a registered 501(c) (3) nonprofit. Your accountant can help you determine the best way to handle donations,” Chron.com advises.

While the reasons above may be true, there is no doubt that most people donate simply because they truly believe in the value of giving. Is your reason for donating listed above? Have you found the right organization to benefit from your online charity donations? You can discover plenty of well-meaning charitable institutions that can use your donation by visiting online communities like eBay Giving Works, where buyers and sellers unite to sell and purchase items, while donating a portion of their fees to the charity of their choice.

(Info from Why Do People Donate Money to Charitable Organizations?, Houston Chronicle)


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