Forbes’ top ranking charitable institutions

Exotic vacations, expensive clothes, the latest gadgets—there’s nothing wrong with spending money on yourself. With all the hard work you put in, you’ve definitely earned it. But have you ever thought about how would you feel if you rewarded someone else at the same time?

Philanthropic actions, such as giving to charity or participating in an online charity auction, can be personally rewarding. For some people, such actions are an important part of everyday life, but for others, giving may be new.

A recent article by Forbes Magazine lists their favorite organizations to send your money or charity auction items to:

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

The JDRF is a global organization that raises funds primarily for type 1 diabetes (T1D) research. It was able to raise $198 million in 2012, and it did so not by spending a lot of money soliciting contributions by mail (as some charities often do), but by relying on a network of passionate volunteers that included people like International Chairman Mary Tyler Moore and elementary school kids who were willing to take part in fundraising walks initiated by the organization.

Boys & Girls Clubs of America

The BGCA is a national organization of local chapters designed to provide after-school programs for the youth. The group is now creating a national tracking system to help them figure out which of their programs created the greatest impact. “Ads featuring celebrity alumni, including Denzel Washington, Magic Johnson and Cuba Gooding Jr., helped the clubs raise $658 million last year relatively efficiently,” reports Forbes. They claim that this will help them use their money more effectively.

International Rescue Committee

Formed in 1933, the IRC is an organization that responds to the worst humanitarian crises in the world, and helps survivors and refugees rebuild their lives. “George Rupp, a former Columbia University president, became president and CEO of the relief group in 2002 and has tripled its total budget. IRC now operates in 40 countries, helping to care for (and sometimes resettle) refugees from conflict zones,” Forbes said.

Choosing the right organization

Aside from those mentioned, there are plenty of other charitable organizations in the U.S. By researching which ones are important to you, you can choose the right charity to support. There are so many ways to give, volunteer or sell items online through philanthropic programs like eBay Giving Works, which raises funds through charity auction items.

(Info from Forbes Picks 5 All-Star Charities: Top Rankings For Efficient Groups, Forbes, November 8, 2012)


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