The Importance of Donors for Nonprofit Fundraising Organizations

A Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article recently reported on the funding challenges many nonprofit organizations are facing today due to ineffective and disorganized programs, a lack of funding and a lack of personnel.

The survey stated that many nonprofit organizations don’t have basic fundraising plans. In fact, 12 percent of nonprofits lack a donor database. The article suggests that an effective system should be implemented to remedy the issue. The fundraising venture should emphasize the mission in order to attract potential donors and keep the organization successful.

Donors are monumental to the success of any nonprofit fundraising organization. Attracting donors can be difficult, but if you can find ways to creatively interact with them, then you’re one step closer to accomplishing the goal.

Major donors usually give contributions depending on the emotional impact of the cause. An awe-inspiring and mission-driven message should be considered to raise major gifts. You can also share moving stories that can compel donors to become long-term supporters of your organization.

Remember that volunteers can become donors. By talking to other organizations, you can widen the network of people who are willing to devote their time and efforts to your cause. Being active online is, of course, one of the best ways to get the word out.

By establishing a presence on Twitter and Facebook, you can easily spread the word about your cause and your fundraising needs. You can also strike a partnership with e-commerce sites that have built-in charity platforms. eBay Giving Works, for instance, helps sellers donate part of their proceeds to nonprofit organizations. Its compelling online work has already attracted a significant number of donors in the form of sellers and buyers. This convenient platform allows buyers and sellers to contribute to a worthy cause with just a few clicks, making it simple and convenient.

Even if legitimate nonprofit fundraising organizations have a list of leads, turning them into actual donors can still be difficult. To increase fundraising efforts, try to review and revise how your organization spreads awareness for its cause. Through Social Media platforms, e-commerce sites and charity events, the idea is to always be present in the lives and circles of donor and potential donors.

(From: Business Workshop: Fundraising challenges face nonprofits, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, September 23, 2013)


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