Nonprofit Online Fundraising: Easier and More Efficient With the Help of the Internet

Organizations nowadays utilize the Internet to increase their online presence, reach out to their consumers, and widen their audiences. Likewise, nonprofit organizations can do the same through the efforts of Causes, an online campaigning platform that allows nonprofits and their supporters to engage in partnerships and develop bigger networks in a collective effort toward a larger goal: raising money for charitable causes.

An article on Market Wired shares the following statement from Causes’ CEO Matt Mahan:

“We saw a need for a purpose-driven network that connects people who have expressed interest in creating change together over time. . . Until now, online activism has primarily consisted of the occasional, one-click action. This old model relies on expensive direct marketing channels, rather than empowering individuals to get deeply involved in creating social change. By building a dedicated network for social good, we are giving people an opportunity to form new connections and take collective action for the causes that matter most to them.”

Causes is a digital platform catering to a large socially-conscious audience, allowing nonprofits to execute successful charity and awareness campaigns. Meanwhile, several other efforts for nonprofit online fundraising are also crossing over to the Internet to raise money for a cause.

Touted as The World’s Online Marketplace, eBay has a large worldwide charity effort that aims to integrate charitable deeds into consumers’ everyday online shopping activities. The website first made significant charitable efforts in 2001 through their “Auction for America” project. They have since built an online fundraising program called eBay Giving Works, which allows people to sell and shop in support of a charity. Sellers can choose local or international nonprofits and charities as beneficiaries, to which a portion of each sale will be donated. Online shoppers can buy products sold in behalf of the nonprofit organization at no extra cost. This way, shoppers, sellers, and nonprofits alike can all benefit largely through the system.

Although eBay is one of the many websites that allow online consumers to shop while donating money at the same time, the hope is that the list of organizations and people who support online fundraising for nonprofits will continue to grow. The Internet is a huge platform that, when utilized properly, can be a fast and efficient way to encourage people to support a good cause.

(From Unveils Purpose-Driven Network for Social Good, Market Wired, September 24, 2013)


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