Charity Fundraising Ideas Include Online Shopping for a Cause

Let’s face it—people like to shop, but they also like to give back. As the Internet continues to foster a growing marketplace for retailers, online shopping has now become a popular and convenient activity among consumers. While there are many benefits to shopping online – it’s faster, easier, and the selection of products is more accessible – some websites are now making it easier for you to donate money to good causes at the same time.

Mashable recently reviewed CauseCart, a new extension and add-on available for Google Chrome and Firefox, respectively. CauseCart allows online shoppers to donate money to a charity of their choice without having to pay extra charges for the transaction.

According to Mashable,

“Social startup CauseCart revolutionizes the online donation model by siphoning a percentage of a user’s ecommerce purchase to a charity of his or her choice — all at no cost to the user. The idea came to entrepreneur Michael Geer when he realized that online giving would skyrocket if users could integrate it easily into their everyday lives instead of one major yearly donation.”

CauseCart maintains partnerships with several e-commerce websites that agree to donate a percentage of each sale to a selected charity. Through this partnership, online shoppers can micro-fund institutions such as the Humane Society of the United States, the American Red Cross, and hundreds of other charities. They only need to install the extension/add-on to their browsers, select a charity, and shop as they normally do. It’s a guaranteed, hassle-free process.

Several other websites have also developed charity fundraising ideas and initiatives that enable charitable institutions to benefit from e-commerce and online sales. The eBay Giving Works platform allows sellers to select a local or international charity partner and choose a donation amount based on their final sale prices. Like CauseCart, eBay Giving Works allows its shoppers to buy any product that is listed for charity (shown with a blue and yellow ribbon) at no additional cost.

Because online shopping and e-commerce are becoming increasingly popular among consumers, these innovative charity fundraiser ideas for philanthropic organizations help people make a difference by aligning them with activities already incorporated into their everyday lifestyles. Buying clothes and other personal items online is a simple process, and now they can be altruistic as well.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Donate to Charity Every Time You Buy Online, Mashable, May 30, 2012)


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