Expand Your Charity Fundraising Sources

If you’re in the business of fundraising, you know that there’s no shortage of charity fundraising avenues that individuals and institutions can use to help targeted beneficiaries. However, each fundraising success can vary and, when funding sources run dry, frustration can easily set in. In a recent article entitled The Fundraising Authority by Joe Garecht, he reveals the key drivers to reviving sources of financial support.

In the article, Garecht says that “the answer is creativity – stepping outside the box and testing new methods of raising money for your organization. Not every tactic will work for every group, so testing is key, but every charity should be constantly expanding its fundraising repertoire and testing new tactics.”

According to Garecht, minor donor groups top the list. These groups target smaller donors, particularly the ones giving $50 to $500 annually. These amounts may not be much individually, but they can be a steady source of funding for your nonprofit organization if pooled together on a consistent basis.

Garecht claims that the concept of creating affinity fundraising groups leans on the same idea as building minor donor groups because you are “putting together a network of people who will support your organization and raise money on your behalf.” The distinction is that in affinity fundraising, you are linking people who already have something in common. This network of donors has huge potential for expansion since members will likely know and invite other people who are qualified to join the group.

You can also organize super events. To pull this off, you need to recruit a number of event hosts who will simultaneously hold small fundraising events for the benefit of the chosen charity. Such events are made possible by conducting conference calls with the nonprofit’s key supporters, board chair, or executive director.

Moreover, Garecht emphasizes that super events are effective tactics because they simplify your tasks. “In many cases, the amount of time you would spend on supporting hosts who want to hold small ($500 to $5,000 net) fundraising events may not be worth the return. However, using super events, you can support a network of hosts who are each raising money for your group, with much higher returns,” Garecht said.

Given these ideas and initiatives to start the process of fundraising for charity, you can continuously replenish your funding sources and consistently help your target beneficiaries. Alternatively, you might also want to register with eBay Giving Works so you can use the site’s e-commerce platform as an additional fundraising mechanism for your organization.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Creative Fundraising Ideas for Non Profit Organizations, The Fundraising Authority)


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