Charity Fundraiser: How to Choose a Worthy Cause to Support

In order to raise funds and spread awareness, many charitable organizations periodically stage a charity fundraiser to support their cause. Being a potential donor, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the long list of charities in your area. A recent blog post from A.S. Charity Fundraising provides four easy tips that may help you choose an organization to which you can feel comfortable devoting your time and resources.

If you’re new to donating time and money to specific causes, the blog suggests that you first find your passion. Whether it’s donating your time to helping pets in need or sending funds overseas to help needy children, most people have personal advocacies that they want to advance. If you are unsure of your passion, pick a cause that reflects your inclinations or resonates with you because of your life experiences.

Once you find your cause, the next tip is to do your research. If you care about a specific cause, chances are someone else already does too. This means it’s very likely your cause will already have fundraising opportunities. As a rule of thumb, reading up on a charity’s history and background can help you determine whether its goals are congruent with yours. Since most charities already have websites, you can collect all the information you need from the comfort of your computer.

The next tip is to find a local chapter. Charities are always appreciative of monetary donations, but you may find yourself wanting to do more. Most charities welcome public involvement in charity fundraisers. By educating the public about fundraising events and opportunities, and giving information about previous fundraising accomplishments, charities can attract like-minded people (like you) who want to be a part of their mission.

Last, but certainly not least—get involved! Involvement in a cause can be monetary, but it can also mean dedicating your time to help out the organization that you support. If volunteering is not possible for you, you can check other platforms through which you can help. eBay Giving Works, for instance, is a charity program that encourages people to share what they have for the benefit of the less fortunate. Participants have three ways to do this: allotting a percentage of their sales to their chosen charities, making direct donations after buying something, or purchasing selected items on the site. Any type of giving can help a charity. Remember, when it comes to giving, choose the way that works best for you.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Charity Fundraising How To: Choosing Your Cause, A.S. Charity Fundraising, July 23, 2013)


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